Python S3 v2

Python S3 v2

The most comprehensive of all, further improved.

The Python S3 is the most complete tablet that has ever existed. Thanks to its versatility offers the possibility to use as operating system: Android (4.3), Ubuntu or Windows. The three operating systems can co-exist to allow the user to select the operating system to start, when you turn the tablet. Where would this versatility, however, if you can not turn this tablet into a 12-inch touchscreen notebook? The keyboard dock has been designed to do just that!

Just one moment...

and the notebook is served.

The second revision of Python S3 was designed having the same goal as we have always had for the Python family: create a tablet PC that is able to adapt to any use that user wants to do. We wanted a tablet that would be able to give her best both during work or study, both during the entertainment.
For this reason we decided to equip the tablet with a keyboard layout with international (USA) full QWERTY. It has a thickness of 2 mm, and is equipped with a special magnet that makes the phase connection / disconnection from the device, an operation extremely easy and enjoyable.
The keyboard is also equipped with a touchpad and function keys for major adjustments.

A spectacular 12-inch Display

And a professional hardware platform

In a tablet the quality and size of the display are the characteristics that most affects the user experience. Everything that you do with a tablet, passes through the display. For this reason, the Python S3 we chose to use a 11.6-inch display well. This type of display has a resolution of no less than 1366 × 768, which ensures perfect integration with suits applications, and especially with all operating systems that the market offers us, even for those Desktop.
The Heart of the device instead is represented by an Intel Dual Core processor 1037U at 1.8 GHz, which supports up to 8GB of RAM, SSD storage 64GMB. These features also allow the use of heavier software, developed for the Linux operating system and Winodws.
In addition, the connectivity is guaranteed by internal WiFi and 3G modules.


Your files are always synchronized.

Dropbox is undoubtedly the service cloud storage most famous in the world. The application that you will find pre-installed on the tablet of the series Python, if configured will automatically load all the photos and videos taken with the camera of your device and save all email attachments. It has the function of easy sharing, where you can send a link to a friend, for downloading a file, even if you do not have Dropbox installed; access at any time from any computer to your data, going to the website of Dropbox and entering a username and password of your account.
Of course, the most interesting feature is the ability to have all your files wherever you are in perfect sync, in fact, besides being a Dropbox app for Android devices can be installed on the three major operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux, in this way allowing , via internet connection, a perfect synchronization of your files.

Ubuntu, Windows or Android.

Finally ... free to choose!

The Python series was born with the purpose of uniting in a single tablet, multiple operating systems. But the result obtained with the S3 version is amazing. The components of this device are the result of careful and accurate selection, to ensure perfect compatibility with all operating systems.
The Python S3 is compatible with Ubuntu, Windows 8, and Android. In fact it is possible to choose which of the three operating systems buy the tablet (you can also buy it with all three, and select the one to be used each time), or the user can install operating systems itself if he prefer.


Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system developed by Canonical, with the help of the OpenSource community. The Python S3 is compatible with version 13.4 (the latest), which is equipped with many tools that encourage the use of both via the touch screen, through the keyboard docking.


Windows 8 Metro style user interface introduces extensively redesigned and optimized for the touch screen, but can also be used with a mouse and keyboard. The Start menu has been replaced with a new screen similar to that of Windows Phone 7, called the Start screen.


Android is an operating system for mobile devices. Its main features are the open source structure and its based on the Linux kernel. The Python S3 is compatible with version 4.2 of Android-x86 .