Dylan Tablet PC

9.7 IPS with Ubuntu, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Dylan is the first tablet PC running Ubuntu 12.04 , Windows 7 and Windows 8. Intel Atom N550 @ 1.5 GHz, capacitive multitouch screen with 4 points of contact, 2GB of ram memory (DDR3), 2 USB port, micro SD and SIM card slot, headphone, microphone and HDMI output make this tablet the way you expected.
Thanks to its operating systems and countless applications to be installed, you can perform common operations, which you used to do on your computer Desktop / Notebook, in the portability of a tablet, with 1024 x 768.

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Both Ubuntu and Windows have been greatly optimized for use on tablet PCs. They offer several tools to perform common operations and at times complex, with ease, using the touchscreen interface.
intuitive design
With Dylan is easy to move between applications and between opened windows (multitasking). Furthermore, the configuration menus are always at hand.
Many applications
You can customize and enrich both Ubuntu and Windows to make them more suitable for their needs. With simple touches you can add to your system and install thousands of applications.

Ubuntu One:
Your personal cloud
A free account with Ubuntu One offers 5 GB of space cloud that can be used to store and synchronize files, photographs and documents across multiple devices, anywhere in the world to share with your friends, your family and your colleagues is even easier. Create or edit a document on your tablet, and upload it directly to one of Ubuntu to have it included on all your computers and phones.
Ubuntu One is also compatible with Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad.
The tablet that is a personal computer
The tablet PC Dylan, is a tablet designed for maneuverability and versatility of a computer.
Particularly suited to those looking for a device capable of interfacing with any device, and configurable in all its aspects, through the bios, even allows you to select the boot sequence, or start to install operating systems on external memory.
Physical buttons
The physical buttons, as well as offering an attractive design (they are totally integrated into the case of tablets), proved extremely useful, both while using the tablet, providing quick access to the main screens, the device is switched to select the system operation to be started if it is installed on more than one.

Details make the difference
The accessories available for Dylan, make this tablet even more complete and more suitable to the needs of those who want a powerful and versatile at the same time.
Stylus pen
A stylus pen for capacitive screen.
Supporto da auto
A car support for your tablet.

The Dylan embodies all the new technologies in terms of connectivity, it is possible to connect via WiFi internet relying on any wireless access point. Using Bluetooth, you can exchange files with computers and phones, and if you are around, and you do not have any available WiFi network, you can connect to the Internet by simply inserting a SIM card in the proper slot.

Ideal at work
The tablet PC Dylan, being based on x86 technology, thus compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems, could prove the ideal tool in areas indistriali and professional, they fit perfectly and seamlessly within the existing network infrastructure.
Having the characteristics of a standard personal computer, Dylan makes easy all common operations such examples save and print screens and send them to other machines, because the tablet is compatible with any existing device.

The gravity sensor allows to Dylan, to detect what position you're using the tablet.
Rotate the tablet while you're using, by detecting the motion and it in turn will rotate the screen display to suit your usage.
Super light weight
A x86 tablet pc, by the potential of a computer, all in a compact and lightweight design.
The Dylan has all the best that technology can offer today, in a tablet by 9.7 inches, weighing about 900 grams including battery.
Capacitive multitouch screen
The multitouch capacitive touchscreen type, allows for interactivity through touch, and not by pressure, then all operations that are used to create a mouse and keyboard, are now even more intuitive.
Expansion Slots
The Dylan is unrivaled even in terms of expansion, it is possible to use external memory and peripherals that normally we are accustomed to using only with our computer. Transfer data, files and multimedia programs, it is even easier.
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