The computer in a keyboard
The new Ekoore keydesk, combines innovation and design, incorporating in a full-size keyboard, all the components of a computer. Intel Atom Dual Core, DDR3 RAM, WiFi, make them suitable for both professional needs Dipòsit that home and educational.
Via external connections, you can connect all the devices that connected to our first desktop computer, and small size make it easy and transport links!
Connect your keydesk to a monitor and a mouse, and uses the operating system of your choice between Ubuntu and Windows. There is no need even to connect external speakers, as a pair of stereo speakers are already integrated.
Caratteristiche principali

Easly installation

The connection of keydesk is very simple, you just plug the power cord, VGA cable to a monitor, and via a USB port to connect a mouse to get your workstation up and running.

Your computer, directly on the desk
The keydesk, since it sits directly on your desktop, allows you to have everything under control, one-touch on / off, USB ports, Ethernet, headphone and microphone, positioned directly on the side of your keyboard.

You can connect any device to keydesk, just like we used to with the very common desktop computer. Through 5 USB ports, ethernet port, serial port, VGA output, and jack for headphone and microphone ,We can import photos from our digital camera, print them with our printer, connect a webcam to make video calls etc..
In addition, the integrated wireless module, allows the connection to the internet through the wifi networks become commonplace. In a moment you will be able to connect to Facebook, watching YouTube videos, follow your favorite blogs, video calls via Skype, and use all that the Internet offers us gobble.

Comfort and ergonomics

Tastiera full-size
The comfortable full-size keyboard provides high comfort and ergonomics. The large space dedicated to the keys, the pressure makes it simple keystrokes

Speakers and integrated multimedia outputs
Enjoy your media files, listening directly the built-in speakers, or using the output to connect directly to your keydesk with facility.